Sunstainable Ski & Mtb Goggles & sunglasses


At its level, APHEX strives to limit its impact on our environment by favoring recycled and BioBased materials (plastic created from vegetable waste) for the manufacture of its products. This commitment to a cleaner future has been an established choice from the beginning: our goggles are intended to be repaired. The frame, lens and strap can be changed in seconds and ordered separately. Our materials last longer, that's less waste for our planet !

Eco-friendly materials

We love nature

Biobased technology

Biobased plastic is composed out of organic plant based ingredients.

Recycled plastic

The hard plastic parts are made of high-quality recycled plastics.


Our frame composition is 65% “Bio-based”


Our goal is to offer high-performance, sustainable, and responsible products ! Like you, we are riders, skiers, snowboarders, Mountainbikers...We are admirers of Nature, explorers, Powder seekersand searching for beautiful kickers. We experience the 4 seasons as a constantly evolving playground of exploration.We are aware that our environment is in danger. We believe that everyone can and must do their best tolimit their harmful impact on the planet. In this approach, we are committed offering high-performance, sustainable products. Working with manufacturersusing recycled and biobased raw materials as much as possible.